Patience is Not My Virtue

Hi everyone! I'm Brooke, a southern belle from Louisiana! I'm madly in love and engaged to a sweet man who happens to be in the Air Force and we are one deployment strong! Our wedding date is set for September 13, 2014 :) I graduated LSU and now have full time job as an RN! This blog is about things that make me happy (like puppies!), military related things, and sometimes random posts about my life. Feel free to message me!

~Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch~

Really hope I can get called off of work in the morning!!!!!

*fingers crossed*



this dog is part husky part lab

the split is straight down the middle, quite literally


LOOK AT THIS!!! It looks like two different dogs! She literally got looks from both sides of her parents! JUST IMAGINE HOW HAPPY THEY MUST BE!!!!!

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Some days I’m a glorified waitress. Some days people would die without me.

Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios Orlando) [x]

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