Patience is Not My Virtue

Hi everyone! I'm Brooke, a southern belle from Louisiana! I'm madly in love and newly married to a sweet man who happens to be in the Air Force and we are one deployment strong! I graduated LSU and now have full time job as an RN! This blog is about things that make me happy (like puppies!), military related things, and sometimes random posts about my life. Feel free to message me!

~Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch~

More pictures from the big day!

Being married is awesome. I love calling Derrick my husband. These are basically the only two decent pictures I have from the wedding so far but, the wedding couldn’t have gone any better really. Everything was beautiful and everyone was saying what I wonderful time the had. People were dancing an having a lot of fun which is exactly how Derrick and I wanted it to be!!! Now I can sit back, relax, and enjoy being married to my best friend ☺️

3 minus two hours till “I Do”



My rant the other day was totally justified. Derrick was admitted to the hospital last night. They’re doing a bunch of tests and will go for a colonoscopy in the morning. Yay for the start of our wedding week!

The thing about being a nurse…

When it’s your loved one sitting in the ER with severe abdominal pain, 12+ hours watery diarrhea, double the normal WBC, and a mild fever, and one doctor tells you he thinks it could be a appendicitis so he sends you to the ER. But the ER doctor doesn’t even look at the previously done lab work and only does a 2 second assessment to tell you “it’s just colitis so I’ll give you pain medication” you bet your ass I’m gonna be pissed. Derrick doesn’t even have a history of stomach issues except reflux. He was crying from such bad abdominal pain before they gave him toradol at the urgent care. Look at the patient and don’t treat him like a typical junkie that comes in here whining about pain just so you’ll give him dilaudid.

Really hope I can get called off of work in the morning!!!!!

*fingers crossed*

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